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What We Do aims to bring the leading luxurious beds and quality mattresses to you. We offer a sweeping range of deluxe beds and mattresses at an affordable price that will meet all your requirements. Our friendly, helpful customer service is also available to you during standard business hours during the week, and will happily assist you with your needs. Order your bed now, and experience world-class luxury anywhere in the UK within three working days.

High Caliber Craftsmanship - Laylowbeds

High-Caliber Craftsmanship

At, we ensure that all our beds are assembled with great precision and attention to detail. We trust our manufacturers to supply us nothing but the best, and we strive to bring your choice of these products to your doorstep, wherever you are in the UK. Order your exceptionally crafted bed today.

Mattresses  - Laylowbeds

Affordable Quality

The mattresses we offer are made with excellent care and thoroughness. We work with only the best to ensure the mattresses we offer are of the highest possible quality to give you a highly durable, reliable mattress. Place your order now to ensure your with superior comfort.

Luxury Beds - Laylowbeds

Exceptional Luxury

All of our excellent products are available to you at low prices, allowing you to have the best at affordable prices. Our professional, experienced staff will work with you to find a comfortable sleeping solution that looks great, and that suits your budget. Get your luxury beds at the best low prices today.

Wooden bed frames we stock are expertly crafted and bring a timeless feel to any room they are a part of. These frames ensure the mattress breathes easily, preventing the buildup of heat and moisture, and providing remarkable comfort. Get the best possible comfort by ordering your new wooden bed now.
Our upholstered bed frames bring a unique feel of comfort to any space.
We offer a range of bed frames with padded headboards that suit any contemporary style, and that will be sure to compliment any mattress of your choice. Order your quality upholstered bed now to experience the true comfort we offer.
We offer an extensive range of faux leather bed frames that are designed to add a modern atmosphere to any bedroom. Our selection of durable faux leather beds are sure to work with any of our mattresses to bring you the best in deluxe comfort. Update the decor of your bedroom now by ordering one of our premium faux leather beds.
At, we offer a wide range of mattresses designed to provide you with excellent support and comfort. Our mattresses will pair with any bed frame of your choice to provide you with your ultimate choice of world-class luxury. Order your mattress from our extensive range now to experience the best night's sleep possible.
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About Our Products offers a comprehensive range of world-class beds with a variety of finishes and styles. Our bed frames are sure to work well with any of our mattresses to provide you with your ideal bed. Our exhaustive stock includes faux leather, upholstered, wooden and storage bed frames.

In addition to our broad range of beds, we offer a wide range of mattresses, including memory foam, pocket sprung, coil sprung, pillow top, latex foam, and orthopaedic mattresses. Our mattresses are available in a wide variety of sizes, ranging from small single to super king.

All our products are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and fine quality and are sure to add a feel of deluxe comfort to any bedroom.


Exceptional Service work to bring you the finest possible product. Our staff of friendly professionals specialise in providing customers with their dream beds, and transforming bedrooms into a more comfortable space. Our specialist service also extends to our customer service, ensuring your satisfaction.

Professional Knowledge

Our years of experience in the industry have afforded us with broad knowledge, not only in the provision of high class products, but also in the assurance of complete customer satisfaction. Our expertise allows us to provide you with a comprehensive service that leaves you satisfied.

Superior Dedication

Because of our extensive experience, we have developed a unique approach with our services that allows us to specifically address your needs. Our experienced staff will work closely with you to provide you with outstanding service that will leave you satisfied and comfortable with your brand new bed.