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Our Beds

At, we know how essential choosing the right bed can be since your mattress needs solid support from the bed to provide you with the proper level of comfort. Whether you are looking to save space in a smaller bedroom, or to make a bold statement in a larger room with plenty of natural light, our extensive selection has what you need.

We offer a broad range of beds of various sizes and materials to compliment any mattress and suit any taste, to ensure that any customer can find what they are looking for. If you have any specific needs or requirements, one of our specialist staff will assist you in finding exactly what is right for you. Order your new bed from us now, and rest assured that you will receive the highest level of comfort possible, regardless of your choice of bed.

Wooden Beds

One of the main benefits of a wooden bed is its durability. Their sturdy construction ensures that they last for many years, bringing you peace of mind along with your daily comfort. Our selection of wooden beds are no different, and we strive to bring you only the finest of these quality beds at affordable prices. We offer wooden beds made from a range of woods, including walnut, mahogany, oak, ash, and pine, along with stain or paint finishes of your choice.

Upholstered Beds

Our upholstered beds are available in an almost endless variety of fabrics, colours, and styles. They are easy to maintain and repair if necessary and can be protected with slipcovers. Our unique selection of upholstered headboards are an affordable way to vibrantly transform and add something new to your bedroom. We offer styles ranging from subdued and modern, to bold and eye-catching.

Several different types of headboards are also available, including:

  • Freestanding
  • Fixed
  • Wood-Framed
  • Straight
  • Wingback
  • Tufted

Faux Leather Beds

Not only are our faux leather beds highly durable and made of the best-sourced materials, but they also bring a contemporary, highly elegant feel to any bedroom. These beds are resistant to spills and stains, are easy to maintain, and are sure to be a gorgeous, stylish addition to any bedroom.

We offer a broad range of designs, all in a variety of colours that are sure to match your bedroom, including:

  • Sleigh beds
  • Storage beds
  • Divan beds

Storage Beds

We offer a range of storage beds that provide the perfect solution for bedrooms where limited space is available. These beds provide a large amount of extra storage in any bedroom without taking up any additional space, and without compromising their stylish aesthetic. The most common types of storage beds are drawer storage beds and lift-up storage beds, and both offer what you may need. offers an extensive range of storage beds that will allow you to optimise the space you have available, while also adding a fresh new look to your bedroom.